Each client has her/his/their own goals and needs. Nanette & Family meets you where you are and stands ready to do what’s necessary to make your life and legacy dreams come true. And because we limit the number of clients we take on, we can provide these services in a tailored, personal, and cost-effective way.


Trust Management

As your professional fiduciary, it is our duty to put your interests first. We monitor the safety of your assets, pay bills, and work to promote your health, happiness and peace of mind.

Family Foundations & Partnerships

Having run family foundations and established family LLCs and LPs, we are in a unique position to serve as a family office for you and your family, if requested.

Property Management

Erin is a licensed real estate agent. Nanette worked for years in seeking entitlements for large green real estate projects and as a paralegal on real estate transactions. We often use these skills to manage properties for our clients.