We want to work with you and your advisors to preserve your assets, while caring for the people and causes you love. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Rock Wall Wine Company, Alameda CA (a favorite of ours!)

Rock Wall Wine Company, Alameda CA (a favorite of ours!)


What is a Professional Fiduciary?

A professional fiduciary is a non-family member who takes care of the property or estate of another person. By law, a professional fiduciary is obligated to put the client’s interests ahead of her own. Professional fiduciaries are licensed by the State of California and the national Center for Guardianship Certification. A fiduciary’s role is not merely that of business manager, decision-maker, or guardian. They also manage services like medical care, investments, real estate, personal property, public benefits, assets and distributions. A fiduciary works to provide mental and emotional well-being, reduces the stress of changing circumstances or unexpected events, and, helps each client, and their families, enjoy fulfilling lives.

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“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffet


Who are we?


Nanette serves as a professional trustee for several trusts, and we provide support for individuals and families. Nanette has worked with prominent Bay Area estate and tax lawyers to form trusts and family partnerships, implement complex wealth transfer strategies and administer trusts after death. Nanette has managed family foundations, and served as Chief Operating Officer, development director, and program officer for numerous nonprofits.

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Lake Tahoe, CA (We love the water!)

Lake Tahoe, CA (We love the water!)


Why do you need a Professional Fiduciary?

Every family, like an airplane, needs redundant systems to ensure that the family’s assets are preserved and protected over time. Today professional money managers are no longer obligated to serve in dual capacities as investor and fiduciary. By contrast, professional fiduciaries have only one objective: to serve the client’s best interests. We do not manage money, but we monitor your investments. We do not perform legal services, but we carry out your wishes and trust documents. We simply serve you.

Whether it’s paying bills on time, communicating with beneficiaries, monitoring investments and health care, or managing family foundations, partnerships or property, Nanette & Family is ready to help.

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Why us?


Nanette’s goal as a Professional Fiduciary is to enrich lives, make life easier and enable smooth family transitions. We work closely with you, your family advisors, attorneys and CPAs to achieve your goals and stay on track. We have a wealth of experience in helping Bay Area & Northern California families with complex trusts, estates, family partnerships, properties, investments and accounts.

In order to better serve clients over time, Nanette recently brought on her daughter, Erin Detamore, a licensed real-estate agent now training to become a licensed professional fiduciary. Erin operates from a satellite office in the Avenue of the Giants.

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