Our world

Like all of our clients, each of us has lived a number of lives. In my “case,” it has been especially rewarding to recently be able to use my legal research skills, my knowledge of trust law, and my passion for saving wild places and addressing climate change in ways that work to bring long-lasting policy change.

Below are a couple of recent examples of ongoing work to protect resources in the public trust. Just like assets in your own trusts, this work protects our common assets - clean air and water, trees and wildlife – for future generations.

—Nanette Leuschel

Juliana v. United States

This landmark constitutional climate lawsuit is brought by 21 youth who assert that, through affirmative actions by federal officials which cause climate change, the government has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and failed to protect essential public trust resources.

Juliana v. United States  .jpg

Bess Bair v. California State Department of Transportation

Conservation groups and Humboldt County residents won a federal court victory in May 2019 halting Caltrans’ controversial highway-widening project through the ancient redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park. In the order, Judge Alsup wrote: “all of these old-growth redwoods have lived many times longer than our nation has existed....the tree is so spectacular that it has come to symbolize the grandeur and uniqueness of California itself.”